Digital TV

Digital Television

Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association is pleased to be able to provide digital television services. With more than 150 of today’s best channels including more than 60 HD channels and 34 premium movie channels, there is something for everyone in the family.

Make Your HDTV Sparkle With Digital TV from WCTA

WCTA’s Digital TV service provides entertainment for the whole family.  With all of your favorite channels and premium services like HBO and STARZ! there is sure to be something for everyone to enjoy.  Add a Whole-Home DVR and everyone in the family will stay happy!

Great Channels

WCTA Digital TV offers all of your favorite channels including greats like ESPN, A&E, History, Discovery, Food Network, and Disney Channel.

HD, Too!

HD lovers can view more than 60 channels in brilliant HD.

Just Miss the start of your show?

All Digital TV customers on fiber automatically have the ability to pause and restart live TV! The Restart TV service allows users to restart a TV program that is already in progress.  Or, if you’re browsing channels and see a show you wanted to watch that has already begun, you can restart it and watch it from the beginning! If you need to get up and throw in another bag of popcorn, just pause your show! WCTA’s Pause Live TV feature allows you to pause your shows, then come right back and start where you left off.

Never Miss a Show Again!

WCTA’s Whole-Home Cloud DVR service gives you the power to control your TV watching so it fits your schedule.  You can record your favorite shows, pause and rewind live TV, and even record one show while watching another.  Plus, with the Whole Home feature you can watch a recorded show on other TVs in your house.

Have a favorite series you watch?  We’ve got that covered, too, with the Series Record feature.  It’s like having your very own digital library of your favorite shows.

Monthly Rates

Broadcast Basic

27 95 month

Great for the customer that likes to keep in touch with local news and public television programming. Enjoy the best in local and regional channels with WCTA’s Broadcast Basic service! Over 20 channels available.

Economy Basic

87 95 month

Includes Broadcast Basic service and 1 view.
Enjoy over 60 digital channels including local channels, and the best in news, sports, kids, and informative channels with WCTA’s Economy Basic service!

Expanded Basic

102 95 month

Includes Broadcast Basic and Economy Basic services & 2 views.
Enjoy close to 100 digital channels including local channels, and the best in news, sports, kids, and informative channels with WCTA’s Expanded Basic service!

Additional Views

5 95 month

Additional views beyond 2 will be billed an extra $5.95 per month.

HD Equipment Fee

3 95 month

Price is per view. Customer must have HD compatible TV’s to receive HD service.

Whole Home Cloud DVR

6 95 month

Enjoy DVR service throughout your home with just one DVR unit.
(DVR service is not available in all areas. Contact WCTA’s office for details).

Premium Movie Services

HBO Plex

17 95 month

HBO Plex includes HBO, HBO 2, HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Comedy, and HBO Zone.

Cinemax Plex

12 95 month

Cinemax Plex includes Cinemax, More Max, Action Max, Thriller Max, @ Max, W Max, Outer Max, and 5 Star Max.

Showtime Unlimited

16 95 month

Showtime Unlimited includes Showtime, Showtime Too, Showtime Showcase, Showtime Extreme, Showtime Beyond, Showtime Family, Showtime Women, Showtime Next, TMC, TMC Xtra, and Flix

Starz & Encore Plex

12 95 month

Starz Plex includes Starz, Starz Cinema, Startz Edge, STARZ ENCORE, STARZ ENCORE Classic, STARZ ENCORE Westerns, STARZ ENCORE Suspense, STARZ ENCORE Action, and STARZ ENCORE Black.

Pick Any Two Services

32 95 month

Choose any two premium movie services for only $32.95 per month.

Pick Any Three Services

42 95 month

Choose any three premium movie services for only $42.95 per month.

All Premium Services

52 95 month

Enjoy all our premium movie services! HBO Plex, Cinemax Plex, Showtime Unlimited, and Starz Super Pak for only $52.95 per month!

Taxes not included

To view full channel line ups, or for a more complete guide with pricing, please click here to see our Rates & Services Guide.  If you reside in Bancroft, Lakota, or Ledyard, click here.