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“WCTA goes the extra mile to make sure we get the services we need for our business.”

Karl Wooldridge

Station Manager, KIOW Mix 107.3 FM – Forest City


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Free HBO and Cinemax Weekend!

Tune in to WCTA channels 250 – 277 the weekend of July 21st to catch the season premiere of Game of Thrones, and the release of the movie Deadpool – on us! Can’t get enough? Contact our business office at 641-592-6105 to add these channels to your line-up!


Mike Piper – Network Operations Technician
Family –
Wife and two children
In Mike’s spare time, he likes to
 – Fish and camp
If Mike could travel anywhere –  
Alaska with his family




Service Information 


iWireless Coverage Outage

Due to an accident in Rake, our iWireless equipment was destroyed at the Rake Cell Tower. It will be at least a week until its functionality is restored, but WCTA and iWireless technicians are currently working on restoring the Rake Cell Tower as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience while we work to fix this.