You’ll love our Broadband Internet.

WCTA Broadband offers a super-fast, always on Broadband Internet connection that is easily shared among all your devices including desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets and other media devices. To sign up for broadband service, call WCTA at (800) 592-6105.


  • Static IP Address ($5/month)
  • Additional e-mail addresses ($5/month)
  • Unlimited, continuous access
  • Free junk e-mail filtering
  • Free technical support (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)



39 90 month

15Mbps Down in Copper areas (Bundled Price) Bundle includes broadband, local phone & SpeedGuard Plus.
Speed up your correspondence on email, social media and streaming with WCTA’s 15M broadband!


64 95 month

30Mbps Down in Copper areas (where available) – (Bundled Price) Bundle includes broadband, local phone & SpeedGuard Plus.
Your broadband connection will be at it’s best on WCTA’s 30M broadband – Your technology will love it!


64 95 month

100Mbps Down in Fiber areas (Bundled Price) Bundle includes broadband, local phone & SpeedGuard Plus.
This is WCTA’s fastest residential broadband speed yet! Stream, surf and game with ease with WCTA’s 100M broadband!

Custom Plans


Up to 1Gbps
Please call WCTA’s Business Solutions representative Jeff Pederson for more details about custom broadband plans at (641) 592-6105.

SpeedGuard Plus

5 95 month

The equipment used to deliver your broadband service is very costly to repair should a problem arise. SpeedGuard Plus covers a number of critical components including your inside wiring, high-speed modem, surge suppressor, and wireless router in the event they become damaged or fail. This plan also covers the cost of a trip charge should a technician need to come to your home for repair or replacement of items covered under the SpeedGuard Plus plan. Certain restrictions apply.

A $20 service order charge applies to downgrade plans only.  Service order charges are waived to upgrade plans. Speeds shown are maximum speeds.  Actual connection speeds may vary. Please contact office for details.  Taxes not included.


For a more complete guide of services and pricing please Click Here to see our Local Service Brochure. If you reside in Bancroft or Lakota, please Click Here for your complete guide of services and pricing.

Access to broadband service from WCTA is subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Click here to view the Acceptable Use Policy

Click here to view the Network Management Policy

Click here to view the DSL Terms and Conditions

Click here to view the Addendum to DSL Terms and Conditions