TV Expenses Explained

TV Expenses Explained

Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association is pleased to provide Streaming TV. Our TV rates are determined by a variety of factors, and directly related to the rates our content providers charge WCTA to obtain channels.

channel line-up

Most channels are carried because of “tying arrangements.” Tying arrangements mean that content providers tell us ‘If you want to carry channel A, you must also carry channels B, C, D, and E.’ We understand that you may not have interest in all of the channels carried by WCTA, but many are carried because of these tying arrangements. We are not able to choose channels on an individual basis.

We’d like to be able to carry every channel that our members would like. We do our best to carry the most requested and most popular channels, but contractual obligations and tying arrangements imposed on WCTA from our content providers may prevent us from adding requested channels. WCTA carefully considers how adding requested channels will contribute to the overall rate all members must pay, and if it’s something most subscribers would want or benefit from.

channel line-up changes

Changes to our channel lineup can be a result of a variety of factors. A regular channel lineup change or network move may be made to increase the channels offered, or the value of what you receive. Often, channel lineup changes occur due to channel providers such as a channel rebrand, channel launch, or channel drop. Channel drops can occur without advance notice as broadcasters are not required to inform us of programming changes.

channel content

Channel programming content is determined by the channel programmers, rather than WCTA. WCTA has no input on the content that is shown on these channels. If you have concerns about specific types of content, you may want to consider setting up Parental Ratings to filter the ratings for that particular show, and other shows with the same rating.