WiFi Unleashed

Complete control over your home WiFi.
Managed from the palm of your hand.

Managed Wifi
an instant snapshot of your network

In the Know

With total visibility across your network, you can rest easy. With WCTA Managed WiFi, you'll have access to every device and connection throughout your home from a dashboard in the palm of your hand.

Organize & Track

Create profiles for each user on your network with a name and image. Keep track of your devices by assigning them to profiles for easy device management!

Prioritize Safety & Security

Keep your network and your family safe with WCTA Managed WiFi. Create a guest network to ensure your main network is secure, use basic parental controls, and schedule offline times to keep your family safe and on track.

Troubleshoot From Your Phone

Check your network usage and conduct speed tests to make sure your network is performing at its top level. You can also easily reset your SSID and your network password straight from the WCTA Managed WiFi app!

WCTA Managed WiFi
(Free Mobile App)
WCTA Managed WiFi
with Security Plus

($6.95 per Month)
Add Guest Network  
View Connected Device Information
Basic Parental Control
Create & Manage Profiles
Schedule Offline Times
View Network Map
Reset SSID and Password
View Network Usage
Conduct Speed Tests
QoS – Prioritize Traffic by Type (Work From
Home, Streaming, Gaming, etc.)
Filter Content by Category, Application, or Website
View Approximate Usage per Profile
Add Time Limit to Application per Day
Enable/Disable Safe Search, Youtube Restrictions,
and Content Filter VPN/Proxy
Continually Scan and Protect Against
Viruses and Malicious Content
Receive Virus and Intrusion Block Notifications
Protect Connected Devices at the Router Level
Customize Protection Level for Entire Network,
per Profile, or per Device

For the WCTA Managed WiFi App Quick Start Guide, click here.

To download the WCTA Managed WiFi Brochure, click here.