Catch Your Favorite Shows Anywhere with WatchTVEverywhere

Being away from your TV doesn’t always mean missing your favorite show.  WCTA Digital TV subscribers can now enjoy free, exclusive online content from more than 45 popular channels with WatchTVEverywhere.

WatchTVEverywhere allows you to watch TV programs on something other than your TV.   The actual method can vary by content provider, but in most cases you can view it on devices like your laptop or desktop computer, your tablet, or even your smartphone.  And you don’t even have to be at home!

Read on for some answers to frequently asked questions about WatchTVEverywhere.

Who can use WatchTVEverywhere?
The WatchTVEverywhere service is available at no extra charge to all WCTA customers that have TV services.

How much does it cost?
The WatchTVEverywhere service is included with WCTA TV services.

Where can I use WatchTVEverywhere?
Well, just about everywhere.  The service works anywhere you have an Internet connection:  Inside your home, at the office, shopping mall, airport, etc.  Wired and WiFi connections work best.  You can view content solely using the data plan on your smartphone but the service can use a lot of data so be mindful of how much data is in your plan.

What kinds of programs are available?
That will depend on the network being viewed.  Some networks stream live content (CNN, for example) while other networks offer full length shows instead (TBS, for example).

What kind of devices can I use with WatchTVEverywhere?
You can view content on your laptop or desktop PC by logging in to  Most providers also have specific apps available for both android and iOS devices.  Visit the appropriate app store to find the apps.  Once downloaded, you will need to enter your WatchTVEverywhere username and password to gain access to the exclusive content that is available (you should only have to do this once for each app).  Some providers also offer content on devices such as Apple TV or Roku boxes.

How many devices can I use?
In most cases the number of devices is unlimited.  However, the content provider may limit how many devices can actually access the service at the same time.

How do I sign up?
To register, do the following steps.  Note:  Have a recent copy of your WCTA statement handy.  You will need some information from the statement to register.

  • Visit
  • Then select ‘Register’
  • Complete the information on the Registration Screen and press ‘Register’ at the bottom of the screen.  One hint:  The Verification Code is located directly to the right of the Verification Code entry box.
  • You will receive a registration confirmation via e-mail.  You must follow the steps in the e-mail to complete the registration process.
  • If you need additional assistance getting started with WatchTVEverywhere, click here to watch a tutorial video.