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WCTA and Smart Connected Community

WCTA was recently named a Smart Connected Community (SCC) provider by NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association. The SCC is a national network of communities powered by innovative broadband providers that are building a brighter future in their communities. The SCC program promotes rural broadband and its role in supporting innovative economic development, effective education, efficient energy distribution and use, state-of-the-art health care, and other important issues for rural America.

In order to receive recognition as a SCC provider, WCTA was required to affirm that it offers 25/3 Mbps broadband to at least 50% of its service area; that it has broadband subscription rates of at least 50%; and that it is committed to program principles of collaboration and innovation. WCTA has gone above and beyond the standards set by NTCA and is Gig Certified. And, as a result of WCTA’s national recognition, each community that we serve will now be celebrated as a Smart Connected Community, joining a national network of similarly innovative communities.

So, what does this mean for your community?

  • Every community that WCTA serves can now be promoted as a Smart Connected Community and is Gig Certified with 100% Fiber Optic Broadband to assist in looking for new businesses and new families that come to town.
  • Every community that WCTA serves can promote to those who work from home to come and live in the community and utilize the fiber broadband network.
  • In school, teacher and student devices will run much more quickly and efficiently, allowing for higher levels of engagement.
  • Because of access to high speed internet, every community that WCTA serves provides its residents with educational and economic opportunities equal to those in the most connected regions of America.

Why is this important for your community?

  • According to a study by the Fiber Broadband Association, communities that offer Fiber Broadband to their residents can boost property values by up to 3.1%! This delivers the same value as installing a half bath or fireplace within the property.
  • Unlike traditional cabling systems, Fiber Optic networks keep private information safer from cyber criminals. Which keeps your information secure and safe from unwanted attacks.
  • The amount of bandwidth consumed by individuals can steadily increase each year. WCTA’s Fiber Optic network can meet your needs for years to come!

WCTA is proud to support our communities and their residents to fully participate in today’s connected society. WCTA is committed to enabling cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation and promote economic development in our service area. We have worked hard to meet the standards set by the NTCA, and now that we have, we are so excited to be a Smart Connected Community Provider! Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

WCTA Celebrates Local Communities for
Recognition as a Smart Connected Community!

WCTA is 100% Fiber Optic.
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WCTA: We're 100% Fiber Optic

WCTA is proud to support community members and
be able to fully participate in today’s connected society. 

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