Uncashed Checks

Deferred Patronage Dividends (Capital Credits)

As a member-owned Cooperative, WCTA allocates the profits made to our members receiving service during the year. These are allocated using a ratio based on the services a member has received during the year and are called capital credits, or deferred patronage dividends. These funds are used to support WCTA’s operation, and are paid back when the Board of Directors votes to release these funds back to our members.

As such, if you no longer receive services through WCTA, please continue to keep your address updated. This will ensure that we are able to forward your payment when the dividend payments are refunded for the year(s) you were a member of the cooperative.

See the link below to view a list of all current or past members who have an uncashed check with us. If your name appears on this list, please contact the WCTA business office at 1-800-592-6105 or email capitalcredits@wctatel.com. If you know of a person on this list, please notify them or their representative to contact our business office.

Uncashed Check List – June 2024