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WCTA is a local and progressive leader in Fiber Internet services, and we are growing! If you are self-motivated and like variety in your work, we would love to hear from you!

Aureon Consulting is excited to partner with Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association (WCTA) in their search for an experienced Controller. This is more than just a Controller position, we are seeking a highly ethical, strategic minded individual with a desire to take their career to the next level. Need someone driven by the prospect of advancement and capable of being a leader.  Must understand not only numbers but the organization’s financial data and how it can be leveraged to drive business decisions and create effective solutions.

This person will report directly to the CEO and be joining the area’s most progressive Broadband Internet and Communications provider, with buried fiber optic service lines to 100% of subscribers in over 25 communities in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota. WCTA is headquartered in Lake Mills, Iowa.  This is a close knit organization with a reputation for being very family friendly with great work life balance, and phenomenal benefits.

This role requires an experienced professional with either a track record as a successful leader OR a very strong desire to lead and take on greater responsibilities as time goes on.  Must be solution oriented and capable of not only identifying areas for improvement, but options for addressing concerns and addressing issues as they arise. Will be privy to sensitive business information and as such, expected to use discretion when handling these items. Experience as a senior level Controller, Accounting Director, or the CFO of a smaller organization are potentially suitable backgrounds for this role. Experience with systems that handle functions such as Billings, Purchase Orders, Timesheets, Inventory, Financials etc., is strongly preferred.  Prior Telecom experience would be great but is not an absolute requirement.

This position is in Lake Mills, Iowa and requires 100% onsite work with occasional travel for accounting or industry related conferences OR professional development/ training as needed.

If you are interested in being considered for this position,
please submit a resume to

  •  Provides strategic leadership and oversight of the Financial Operations to ensure data, associated technology, and processes are adequately established and protected.
  •  Develops and maintains the financial operations strategy and roadmap including formulating objectives to be implemented by finance team and that aligns with CEO company business objectives.
  •  Creates an iterative set of practices, processes, and controls to improve the organization’s financial reports.
  •  Participates in the development of system policies and develops objectives, policies, and procedures for own areas of activity.
  •  Administers programs and procedures in accordance to approved policies.
  •  Sets the vision and strategic direction for the finance department that aligns to organizational priorities and identifies and manages risks of information confidentiality and security breaches by working with HR partners.
  •  Collaborates with team members to establish performance goals and monitors status, conducts reviews, and provides coaching.
  •  Interviews, hires, and recommends salary adjustments for team members.
  •  Resolves disciplinary issues, reviews results, action plans, and progress.
  •  Develops team expertise and completes succession planning, including identifying talent and implementing development plans for critical positions.
  •  Fosters an innovative culture, including supporting new ideas and providing guidance on potential changes.
  •  Manages budgeted resources by anticipating expenditures, accurately forecasting resource needs/costs, and properly accounting for expenses to meet requirements and achieve fiscal responsibility.
  •  Fosters an environment of collaboration within the department and with other departments.
  •  Prepares payroll and maintain associated records:  Payroll deductions, payroll master files, FICA, federal and state withholding, federal and state unemployment tax, group insurance, 125 Flexible spending plan, retirement savings contributions, personal time off (PTO) and sick leave, quarterly and annual reports on FICA, federal and state unemployment tax, withholding tax, annual W-2 forms, annual employee benefit letters, annual pension/savings reports and surveys, annual 125 Flexible spending plan audit, and annual workers compensation audit.
  •  Maintains personnel records and assists in human resources programs/plans.
  •  Oversees deferred dividend allocation and notification to customers, retirement of deferred dividends to customers.  Oversee maintenance of unclaimed property file for uncashed dividend checks and reversion account.
  •  Reviews financial reports and annual projections for system’s Board meeting.
  •  Supervises personnel identified within department.
  •  Acts as contact for independent auditors, IRS auditor, RUS field auditor, and any other agency with audit authority.
  •  Provides for continual internal auditing by examining the records and reporting to CEO/GM as to their condition.
  •  Reviews the completion and timely filing of monthly/quarterly/annual reports.
  •  Oversees monthly journal entries and review monthly reports.
  •  Establishes general filing system for safekeeping of corporate records, and personnel documents.
  •  Sorts confidential mail on a daily basis and distribute to appropriate departments.
  •  Serves on various committees to analyze research information and make recommendation for management/board of directors to consider in formulating their decisions.
  •  Attends continuing education workshops/seminars.
  •  Communicates and works cooperatively with all employees.
  •  Works with and maintains confidential information.
  •  Any other duties that may arise and be assigned.
  •  High School diploma required.
  •  Two to four years college education in accounting and business field required.
  •  Previous experience in the office and accounting field is required.
  •  Must have a general knowledge of computer operations and various computer applications.
  •  Job requires judgment and initiative to perform daily work that is assigned.
  •  Must be able to determine sources of information and judgment in selection of significant data.
  •  Ability to supervise personnel for effective operations and best utilization, computer system operations, personnel records, and administration of employee benefit plans.
  •  Requires considerable care and attention due to the concentration required for the selection, development, and analysis of information.
  •  Training or experience in supervision is preferred.
  •  Courtesy and tact are required in working with all levels within and outside of the organization.
  •  Drive light vehicle.
  •  Valid driver’s license required.
  •  Handles books, paper, and office equipment.  Stoops and bends when using files.  Some lifting.  Must be able to operate calculator, computer, and telephone.  Various office equipment.

If you are interested in being considered for this position,
please submit a resume to

All application materials will be kept on file for 6 months.